Actor Michael B. Jordan, perhaps best known for his roles as Wallace on The Wire and his critically lauded leading role in last year's Fruitvale Station, is reported to be in talks to play the Human Torch in Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four film. Further, it's rumored that whoever is eventually cast to play Dr. Doom could possibly be a woman.

Discussion of Jordan's role in the film has been spreading for months. The actor previously starred in the super-power based film Chronicle, a movie by Josh Trank, who'll also be directing the Fantastic Four reboot. According to THR, Jordan is currently the only actor attached to the film. THR also reports that Kate Marra and Emily Rossum tested for the part of Sue Storm/Invisible Woman this week, while Miles Teller and Christian Cook auditioned to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Ben Grimm/The Thing, respectively.

But perhaps the most interesting note is about Doctor Doom. Though not confirmed, Doom is expected to be the main antagonist in the film. It's said the studio wants a "big name" for the role, and has not ruled out switching genders for the role, which would mean casting a woman to play the Fantastic Four's most famous villain, and indeed one of the recognizable villains in all of comics.

This report follows yesterday's news that Candice Patton, a black woman, has been cast to play Iris West in the upcoming Flash television series on the CW. Along with Jordan playing the role of Johnny Storm, who is white in the comics, as well as the discussion that Dr. Doom could be female, this all potentially augurs a movement toward more color and gender blind casting in film and television roles based on super hero comics. While this is a movement that will undoubtedly have its share of very vocal detractors, it inarguably represents painfully overdue progress. It's 2014. Johnny Storm can be black, and that is perfectly okay.

The Fantastic Four reboot is set to arrive in theaters March 6, 2015.



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