Asking the question "What if?" can be a fun game to play whether you're writing a comic book for Marvel or just sketching away at a passing thought. At least that's the case with artist Michael Dialynas (pronounced "The-Alley-Nas," according to the info at his blog). He's got a thing for concept mash-ups, including The Doctor posing like the Little Prince and hypothetical, Moebius-designed armor for Iron Man.
There's a healthy gallery of Dialynas' stuff up on deviantART, that includes characters from the X-Men, Akira, Tintin and it's mighty colorful. Just take a look at the pink and black in his Bane piece, which has a really charged Dan Hipp-ish quality to it. Dialynas hits other comic book notables like Swamp Thing, Deadman and Spider-Man on his mobile phone.

The most recent gem is in his main blog feed, though, where he mixed together Tony Stark, Inigo Montoya and Game of Thrones. There are probably a lot of GoT fans who wouldn't mind reading a whole comic about what happens when an armored up Tony flies down and dispenses some hand-blaster justice to Joffrey.

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