Each year, "MAD" magazine selects the 20 dumbest people and events of the previous 12 months for its "MAD 20" list. ComicsAlliance already featured a preview of the Sarah Palin entry last week, but now we're back to reveal the #1 dumbest thing of 2009: Michael Jackson.

Or more specifically, the canonization of Michael Jackson, the brilliant, troubled King of Pop who passed away this June. After his death, public opinion was divided -- as usual -- between those who believed he was a misunderstood, naive genius and those who thought he was a dysfunctional freak with questionable behavior towards children.

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But by all estimations, he was a complicated man, at least some of which was captured in this stained glass window where he grabs his crotch in a magical garden of monkeys, llamas, and carousels.

For the rest of the "MAD 20" list, including David Letterman, Kanye, Jon & Kate, and Glenn Beck, check out the new issue, which hits stands tomorrow.

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