Although his most recent film offered a cynical critique of comic book films, Michael Keaton’s next project finds him re-entering the realm of comic book movies. Imagine Agents isn’t your typical comic book film, though, and Keaton will not be wearing a cape or cowl. He will, however, have some imaginary friends.

According to THR, Keaton will produce and star in an adaptation of the Boom Studios series Imagine Agents, written by Brian Joines and illustrated by Bachan. Imagine Agents centers on a fictional agency of people who keep tabs on kids’ imaginary friends. Keaton would play one of those agents in the film, which is quite different from the sort of superhero films Birdman was scoffing at.

20th Century Fox will distribute the film, which seems like it could be a fun, family-friendly event. It also sounds a bit similar to movies like Men in Black and the recently-delayed animated comedy B.O.O. (Bureau of Otherworldly Operations). Here’s the official synopsis for Imagine Agents via Boom:

Ever try to wrangle an illiterate, 30-foot tall rock monster away from his 5-year-old best friend? Or calm down a 400 pound muscle-man rag-doll during her daily temper-tantrum? For Dave and Terry, it’s all in a day’s work. As agents for I.M.A.G.I.N.E., they are responsible for keeping your imaginary friends in-line… Little do they know that six-year-old Elliot and his best bear-friend, Furdlgurr, are about to be entangled in a plan to change everything!

Per the report, Keaton will play a 20-year veteran of the force tasked with mentoring a rookie agent and archivist — as expected, their first day on the job together is anything but ordinary. That definitely sounds like Men in Black, but with imaginary friends in place of aliens.