Michael Kupperman is one of this decade's foremost irreverent and satirical cartoonists, known best for his Fantagraphics series Tales Designed To Thrizzle, which features characters like Snake 'n' Bacon and the human bannister, The Mannister.

However, his next project is one of incredible personal importance, as in 2018 he's set to release All The Answers, a graphic memoir of his father Joel J. Kupperman, who rose to fame in the '40s on the popular radio show Quiz Kids.

Announced yesterday via NewsaramaAll The Answers is said to not only chronicle the life of Kupperman's father, but dig into relevant topics of the time, including "wartime propaganda and the history of early television." Described by the author as "the serious project I’ve been working towards my whole life,” it will go beyond his father's time as a Quiz Kid and cover his life into his adulthood all the way through to his battle with Alzheimer's.

Quiz Kids was a radio program that began in 1940 and lasted sixteen years, expanding into television in 1949. The series followed a game show format with the Quiz Kids tested on their knowledge with questions sent in by the audience, and Joel J. Kupperman was the show's mathematics expert.

Michael Kupperman's work can currently be seen on AdultSwim.com, which has begun hosting weekly (NSFW) comic strips from prominent cartoonists including Benjamin Marra and Tony Millionaire. Kupperman's strip, Supervillains, is about a bizarre collection of villains including Mammothmothman and the Maitre D'emon getting brunch and telling stories.

Quiz Kids is due for publication by Gallery 13 in May 2018.

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