Theme Parks: Universal Studios' two theme parks will get their own versions of The Walking Dead Escape from Comic-Con as part of "Universal's Halloween Horror Nights" this fall. [Universal Studios]

Upcoming: Papercutz will apparently be following its line of Power Rangers Samurai/Power Rangers Super Samurai comics with Power Rangers Megaforce material. [JEFusion]

Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman vouches for Michael Bay's upcoming Ninja Turtles live-action movie. [MTV]

Digital: Following in the footsteps of Love and Rockets, Michael Kupperman's Tales Designed to Thrizzle is now available digitally on ComiXology. Issues #1 and #2 are $2.99 a pop. [Fantagraphics]

Customs: Monsterforge has painted the first series of OMFG! figures to resemble The Avengers as an incentive for the line's second wave Kickstarter. [OMFG! Series 2]

Customs: Marin Stipkovic's Mobile Suit Gundam Lego builds are some of the coolest I've seen this Universal Century. [The Brothers Brick]

Anime: If you're in Tokyo this summer, you can check out a giant statue of One Piece's most famous gigantic mermaid at "Shirahoshi Mermaid Park.". [Crunchyroll]

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