Artist Michal Ivan's fiery paintings fit right in among the works of Michael Broussard, Stjepan Sejic and other staples of Top Cow's flagships books. That's probably why Ivan's been tapped to contribute covers to series like Witchblade and The Darkness from time to time. Sprinkled around with the official Jackie Estacado and Conan pieces in his portfolio, he's also churned out some brilliant Wolverine and Hulk fan art.As mesmerizing as those spectacles on his deviantART account are, though, he really outdid himself with a modded version of some RPG cover art he made that features an epic brawl between a cybernetically enhanced zombie and a werebear.

If Cowboys and Aliens can become a comic book series that goes on to become a blockbuster Jon Favreau film, a just universe will also include a "Cyber-zombies and Werebears" franchise sooner or later. After all, both factions in that premise are criminally underrepresented in pop culture right now.

[Via Geek-Art]

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