The cartoonist behind the popular "Dap Bros" series of famous fictional fist-bumps, Henry Bonsu really has it in for that most radical of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michelangelo. In a succession of blog posts on the subject, Bonsu wrote of the party dude, "He used to be my favorite turtle as a kid, but NO LONGER! I DO NOT want people walking down the street thinking I am a Michelangelo fan... ugh... that would the worst thing to ever happen in America."

Why all the fighting? Read Bonsu's explanation after the jump, where you can also see more lovely images of Michelangelo getting the business.As followers of Bonsu's work know, the artist has a strong command of pop culture, and he regularly channels that deep understanding of a character's essence into his routinely awesome portraits (sometimes with animation!) of characters from comics, film and television. So it was with some alarm that we came across the artist's pronounced distaste for Michelangelo, long admired by fans of the Ninja Turtles and indeed solid bros everywhere for his pro-party stance and prodigious nunchuck skills.

"Right there! That's the problem! He's a party dude!" Bonsu wrote on his blog. "What ninja is a party dude? What ninja has time to party? There's no time for parties, DUDE! Not when you're supposed to be karating The Shredder in his face!"

"Am I right guys? Just look at him... just terrible," Bonsu wrote. "I always felt that the rest of the turtles should've sold him to a zoo and then replaced him with a vacuum cleaner."

As a child I was fond of parents-confounding vocabulary, so I was particularly enamored with Michelangelo. But Bonsu makes a compelling argument, one that I think becomes stronger when you factor in Michelangelo's taste for unusual pizzas that have since proven to be literally vomit-inducing. I mean, who does that? I may also just enjoy Bonsu's hilariously hateful drawings of Michelangelo getting the turtle crap kicked out of him.

Where do you stand?

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