I first became enamored with the fantastic work of Canadian cartoonist J. Bone with the 2006 relaunch of Will Eisner's The Spirit, in which Bone worked with Darwyn Cooke. The series remains a personal favorite for the stellar artwork alone, and I've since tracked down Bone's stuff on such titles as Wolverine/Doop, DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman, and the Justice League: The New Frontier one-shot comic released to coincide with Warner Bros. Animation's animated version of the Darwyn Cooke graphic novel. Naturally, Bone is also a frequent guest star in ComicsAlliance's Best Art Ever (This Week). In other words, he's awesome, and he's about to get a lot of well deserved attention thanks to this lovely and highly bloggable illustration of the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, reimagined as Wonder Woman.J. Bone explained the piece on his blog:

I'm not a very political person. Really. Unless I hear speeches that are incredibly ignorant (the current Mayor of Toronto is not exactly my favorite person) or especially rousing! Michelle Obama's recent opening speech at the Democratic Convention was one of those exciting moments to which I actually paid attention. Politics aside I like the Obamas. Watching her speech I imagined Michelle as the NEW Wonder Woman!

You can see loads more J. Bone art on his Gobukan site as well as on Man's Adventure, the artist's excellent beefcake blog.

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