Civil War II is over (or at least the new series launches are pretending it is), and Captain Marvel will have to wrestle with her role in things, and how much the public loves her for it, in The Mighty Captain Marvel #1, a new ongoing series written by novelist Margaret Stohl, with art by Ramon Rosanas.

This unlettered preview is lovely, but doesn't gives us too much insight into what goes on in the book. The first two pages of Carol visiting landmarks around the globe works great with no words, although I'm guessing there will be some captions portraying her inner monologue. Then we see her responding to a crisis in a refugee camp full of green space aliens, which really drives home the ways in which the Marvel Universe is like and unlike our own world.

The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 comes out January 18, and features variant covers by Paulo Siqueira, Alex Ross, and Skottie Young.


Art by Ramon Rosanas
Art by Ramon Rosanas
Art by Ramon Rosanas
Variant Cover by Alex Ross
Variant Cover by Paulo Siqueira
Variant Cover by Skottie Young
Hip-Hop Variant by Jenny Frisson


Here's the official word from Marvel:

She’s mighty. She’s Marvel. And she’s kicking off 2017 with a bang! Today, get your first look at the highly-anticipated THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 – the explosive new series coming this January! Superstar novelist and New York Times bestseller Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures, Black Widow: Forever Red) teams with blockbuster artist Ramon Rosanas (The Astonishing Ant-Man) to bring Carol Danvers into the stratosphere and beyond. She’s been to the depths of space and back, but nothing could prepare her for her newfound status as the biggest super hero on the planet. Only, it’s lonely at the top. And though the crown may look good on her head, it weighs heavy. And she’ll have to watch out for the thorns that come with it, as forces from all sides conspire to unravel all she’s built. Time for Carol to prove once again why she truly is Earth’s Mightiest Hero. Prepare for a bold new take on Carol Danvers as she charges headlong into Marvel NOW! on January 18th in THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #1!