With multiple volumes of Power Rangers: Samurai and Power Rangers: Megaforce graphic novels under its belt, Papercutz has turned its attention to the original and perhaps most recognizable property in Americanized tokusatsu: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Come May 2014, the regular Papercutz PR team of writer Stefan Petrucha and artist PH Marcondes will debut their first of many planned MMPR graphic novels -- the first since Marvel and Hamilton's respective miniseries circa 1995.

In an interview with MTV Geek, series editor Michael Petranek explained that the new series would serve as a companion to Saban's 1993-1995 MMPR TV run and require Papercutz's full attention for a bit before the publisher gets back to publishing Power Rangers Ultra Megaforce titles simultaneously. The first issue will harken back to the earliest episodes of the series, before Green/White Ranger Tommy Oliver made his debut. Main antagonist Rita Repulsa will be on hand, along with an all-new villain.

As far as official MMPR continuity is concerned, however, Papercutz may be getting creative to serve the stories they have in mind.

"Will all of the volumes take place within the events of the original TV series? Maybe. Maybe not… If we were to have stories that didn't take place within the events of the original series, how would we do so? How's that for a tease!" Petranek told MTV Geek.

Speaking of teases, a few days back Papercutz sent CA an image of the White Ranger's shoulder pad with the caption "Let's face it -- We all have our dark sides." Does this mean Tommy will have to confront his past as a Rita-controlled Green Ranger later into his White Ranger career? Fans will just have to wait and see... Next time, on Power Rangers.




[Via MTV Geek]

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