It's rare to find an artist who can handle quick, clean Penny Arcade-esque comics and lavish, painted Marvel Masterpiece-ready works, but Mihajlo Dimitrovski does all of that more. His Fantastic Four, Superman and Punisher could have been concepts for Samurai Jack cameos, and the other end of his style spectrum features Ghost Rider and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creations that look far more cinematic.Dimitrovski's full range of abilities can be found on display in his deviantART gallery. We're big fans of his steampunk Avengers and his stretchy, super-energetic take on Daredevil. That Punisher, meanwhile, looks like he's ready for his own Adult Swim mini-series. (Can anyone make a quick phone call and get that to happen?)

He's got a big old pile of "Game of Thrones" art his portfolio, too. Scope out a few of our favorite Dimitrovski pieces after the jump, but don't miss out on everything else that he's got going on in there.