Mike Carey Explains It All
Mike Carey is a busy guy. He's currently scribing two new Vertigo series, FAKER and CROSSING MIDNIGHT. DC also just published his contribution to the Minx line, RE-GIFTERS, with a second, CONFESSIONS OF A BLABBERMOUTH to be released on September 12th. For Marvel, he's writing ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR and has a huge hand in the X-MEN ENDANGERED SPECIES storyline. As if that isn't enough to keep any mortal busy, his first novel, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, was recently released in the U.S. So Mr. Carey did what anyone writing four monthly titles would do: departed on a nationwide tour of book and comics stores.

In his travels, Carey made a stop at local Northern Virginia comics store, Big Planet Comics. I was there, as was AOL intern extraordinaire Bill Flack. Read what Bill had to say about the world's busiest Brit after the jump.

"On Thursday July 12th, Mike Carey visited Big Planet Comics on his tour. I went (being new to comics) not expecting much. I expected some guy to be just signing comics like a cashier rings up merchandise. What I experienced was... shall we say... delightfully surprising. I had only brought my camera and issue 229 of Hellblazer (for him to sign), but two more signatures, 30 some-odd dollars and a great conversation later, I had a new author on my top list. If you have never talked to Mike Carey, you are missing out. He is mild-mannered, has a great accent, and has a generally warm disposition. I ended up getting his new (in America) book, The Devil You Know, as well as the CROSSING MIDNIGHT TP. I asked him about the book, he told me about it and I was hooked. In summary, Mike Carey is a really nice guy, an amazing author of many varied genres, has great grammar, and loves his work. So, if you ever get the chance to meet him, you are in for a treat."

Now, while I wasn't paying as much attention to his grammar as Mr. Flack, I can certainly attest to Carey's amiability. The most striking thing about Mike Carey of late, though, is the quality of his output. CROSSING MIDNIGHT is on its way to being the next great Vertigo series and if CONFESSIONS OF A BLABBERMOUTH ends up being as good as RE-GIFTERS, it'll be, well, really good. So support Mike Carey. He doesn't write five million comics a month for himself. He writes them for you!

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