We love spotlighting up-and-coming and unpublished artists on ComicsAlliance, but it's always worth looking back at established creators who have paid their dues and have some white hot sketch work floating around. In the case of Mike Zeck, he's actually got a sketchbook for sale over at MikeZeck.com, and his work in raw black and white is absolutely stunning.
If you haven't seen Zeck's work before, quite frankly, you do not read enough comics. He's worked on everything from Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America to covers for Batman and Aquaman stories. In addition to his sketchbook, you'll find a treasure trove of process work from those pieces and commissions on his website.

Zeck draws with the classic elegance of Neal Adams and occasionally the expressive tension of someone like Steve Dillon. He also knows how to draw the heck out of The Punisher. Don't believe us? See for yourself below.