To that small but passionate group of comic readers who frequently say "I wish Ming Doyle drew more goats," your day has finally come: Valiant Comics has announced that Doyle will come on board to illustrate the second story arc of the newly relaunched Quantum And Woody, starting with issue #5.

The move was announced in an interview with CBR. The title is a departure from Doyle's previous work, and she expressed excitement about illustrating a type of story she's yet to work on, and what it means for her development as an artist:

 Quantum and Woody's going to be my first chance to do a superhero action comedy buddy-cop type thing. It seems like I just keep adding on more things to the repertoire that I want to handle. It's going to be really different, but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to play with these characters because they're so funny. I really want to get into more physical acting with them and exploring body language, and all of that goofiness. I haven't drawn anything goofy before. This is going to be really fun.


Doyle will be replacing Tom Fowler on art, and joining series writer James Asmus for the storyline. Quantum And Woody #5 arrives in stores this November.