Every incarnation of the Doctor throughout the history of Doctor Who has had a distinctively expressed sense of fashion. From the first doctor's pointy, old-timey collar to the current Doctor's bow tie, which he wears to "look smart," everyone in between them took their own risks and defined a period of the BBC time traveler's history. Designer Alex Freeman noted each of the famous Time Lord's ties, scarves and sweaters and created his own series of minimalist posters based on those ensembles.

The Christopher Eccleston Doctor's basic shirt and black leather look and the Sylvester McCoy Doctor's zany question mark sweater both show up in the series, which Freeman has made available as prints in small quantities via his Flickr account.

If they were paintings, a few of these would be nice enough to hang up in museums, and if you stare at them long enough, you may start to feel a connection with the brilliant (and occasionally slightly psychotic) characters who inspired them.

[Via Neatorama]