Moebius -- aka Jean Giraud -- is an illustrator whose work we've discussed at relatively great length here at ComicsAlliance. Described by our own David Brothers as "your favorite artist's favorite artist," Moebius is best known around the world for his beautiful works like The Incal, The Airtight Garage, Arzach, Blueberry and, of course, Silver Surfer: Parable, which he collaborated on with Stan Lee. The beloved 1998 story is one of just a handful of projects Moebius has created within mainstream American comics. While few in number and mainly taking the form of covers or pin-ups, each image of American superheroes and comic book icons the master sends into our orbit is memorably beautiful.Longtime ComicsAlliance readers are aware of our fondness for Moebius and his prodigious work. He's been the subject of many CA posts about his enormous talent (like here and here and here) and his profound influence on some of our favorite comics and seaside hotels (like here and here and here).

Humanoids is preparing to release this week a new hardcover collection of The Incal, one of Moebius' most sought after and long out-of-print European works (created with Alejandro Jodorowsky). Hopefully it will be the first of many such reprints of Moebius' largely out-of-print English editions. We'll have more on The Incal later, but for now we thought it was a good time to assemble some of the artist's unique interpretations of some very familiar icons to prepare you for that gorgeous book and also just because these are awesome.

Tremendously helpful in this modest effort was Quenched Consciousness, a regularly updated image repository of all things Moebius, particularly work that's no longer available in English. Be sure to add it to your feeds, especially if you're a fan of our Best Art Ever (This Week) feature.

Not an American icon, obviously, but appropriate for this collection of Moebius visions of other people's work: Tetsuo from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira.

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