Get ready to feel your eyeballs start to bug out like a Real Ghostbusters figure, because the prints we're about to point you toward come from a veritable Justice League lineup of talent. The Molded Heroes gallery blends all sorts of takes on classic toys, and more than a few of them are suitable for display, particularly Chris Hodge's Colecovision and Atari paintings, which basically function as ancestral portraits for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Between Chris Hodge's G.I. Joe drawings and Beck Mancuso's Garbage Pail Kids-inspired teapot, you shouldn't have a hard time finding something in there to put on your wish list.

For real, though, Hodge's Cobra Commander looks like the line work and inking for exactly the kind of giant painting that the big-time crime boss would want to display behind his throne. Any aspiring super villain could use one.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you'll be able to get anymore of the tattooed Little Mermaid prints, though, as they seem to be all sold out. That probably means you should move quickly if any of the remaining Molded offerings jump out at you.

Darick Maasen

Justin Russo

Nick Francel

Chris Hodge

Marie Lubshina


Don Picton

Mike Mancuso

Tim Shumate

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