I don't really have the words for how much I want Mondo's Batman: The Animated Series soundtrack albums. I mean, the music is great, but the thing that really makes me the most covetous human being alive is the artwork that goes along with them, the beautiful, downright iconic representations of some of the best episodes of the series. I want to hang that stuff on every available surface and just bask in its warmth.

And if you're like me, well, here's the good news: Tomorrow, Mondo is releasing two new prints by Phantom City Creative, based on 'Vendetta' and the all-time classic 'Almost Got 'Im', both of which, surprisingly enough, feature Killer Croc. And here's the bad news: They're going on sale at a random time, and they're limited to 250 copies each. But you can still check 'em out below!



'Vendetta' was one of the earliest episodes to prominently feature the supporting characters from the GCPD --- in this case, Harvey Bullock, who's framed for kidnapping as part of a --- wait for it --- vendetta by Killer Croc.



And then there's 'Almost Got 'Im', where four of Batman's greatest foes (and Killer Croc) gather to play poker and tell the stories of how they came closest to finally killing Batman. It's easily one of the best episodes of the series, featuring an incredible amount of character work and one of the best visual tricks that the show has ever pulled off.

The black-and-white 'Almost Got 'Im' and 'Vendetta' posters are limited to 250 pieces each, while the purple-and-yellow 'Almost Got 'Im' variant is limited to 125, so, you know, good luck. To find out when they go on sale, follow Mondo on Twitter, and check out more information at their website.


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