Those of you who aren't fans of Scorpion's new Jim Lee-designed costume (and apparently there are a lot of you) in the Injustcie: Gods Among Us game likely thought that was the biggest Mortal Kombat news of the week. But there was far bigger buzz relating to the video game franchise. I speak, of course, of handmade Mortal Kombat flip books.

Created by Etoilec1, the four GIFs below show four rounds of battles between franchise staples Shang Tsung and Jax. And as flip books tend to be, they are weirdly hypnotic. You can check them all out after the cut.

Round 1:
Round 2:
Final Round:
Shang Tsung Wins:
With luck, the above served as a bit of a salve after the news of the new Scorpion:

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