This Sunday is Mother's Day, that time of year when we come together to celebrate those lovely ladies who gave us life. But while many of us here in the real world will be ordering flowers or taking our moms out for a nice dinner, things in the world of super-heroes are probably going to get a little more awkward.

After all, parents in general and mothers in particular don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to super-heroes. Still, everybody deserves something nice every once in a while, which is why today, your pals at ComicsAlliance are taking a look at a few Mother's Day Cards From Your Favorite Super-Heroes!

For Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyta:

For Dr. Doom's Mom, Cynthia Von Doom:

For Daredevil's Mom, Sister Maggie:

For Batman's Mom, Martha Wayne:

For Damian Wayne's Mom, Talia al-Ghul:

For Orion's Mother Box, Mother Box:

For CA's Favorite Bad Mother, Shaft:

And finally, for Marcus's Mom, Carol Danvers:

Yeah. That's... that's probably for the best. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!