Following their departure from Batgirl, Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart, and Brenden Fletcher will be launching an all new comic for Image, as announced at today's Image Expo. Coming in December 2016, Motor Crush is the story of Domino Swift, who spends her days racing in a legitimate worldwide racing league, and her nights competing in illegal motorcycle brawls, in an attempt to get her hands on a machine narcotic known as crush. "Everything's going to be a little bit amped up," explained Tarr.

"Where this started out was this crazy insane stylized concept of what we could do with a racing comic. We have, together, molded it into an actual story that fits exactly what Babs is great at doing," said Fletcher.

The book features multiple gangs, each with their own style. Tarr added, "I love drawing badass ladies doing badass things." This statement should surprise no one who's seen her work on Batgirl and elsewhere. The team explained that the first discussed the concept while working on that book, and had already wanted it to be their next project.

This time around Tarr is officially a part of the writing team as well as an artist. "We're all plotting it, I'm storyboarding it, Babs is doing the final art and colors," explained Stewart. Stewart also said that book would be aimed at an older audience than the teen-friendly Batgirl. Tarr says she's excited to "take total control of the art" rather than having to pass it on to someone else to finalize.

The book promises heartbreak and romance for its main character Domino. "She needs to race," says Fletcher, "It's her passion. She's grown up knowing only that. Bit at this point in her life she has no choice but to race, and that's one of the mysteries at the centre of the book."


Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, and Cameron Stewart

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