If you like Kazune Kawahara and Aruko's My Love Story!! --- which I do --- but you're just not satisfied with experiencing it in its existing forms of the ongoing manga and the new anime that's streaming on Crunchyroll, I have some good news for you. There's a live-action movie adaptation of the first arc of the manga coming in February of 2016!

Sadly, it's not currently planned for a release in America --- at least in theaters --- but if you'd like to see how Takeo, Sunakawa, and Rinko are making the transition to three dimensions, don't fret. There's a trailer out, complete with subtitles, and you can watch it right now!



If you're not familiar with the original manga, well, you should start reading it immediately --- it's available digitally through Viz and is well worth checking out. The basic idea is that Takeo is a massive but good-hearted high school student whose imposing size makes him unattractive to the girls he always has a crush on, who in turn are much more attractive to his handsome, reserved best friend, Sunakawa. When he meets Rinko on a train (and saves her from a pervert who's groping her), he finally finds someone who loves him back, and sets off on what might be the most adorable relationship in comics history. The jokes stay fresh, the romance stays sweet, and it's been a favorite of mine over the past year.

The film features Ryohei Suzuki as Takeo Goda, Mei Nagano as Rinko Yamato and Kentaro Sakaguchi as Makoto Sunakawa, and according to Anime News Network, Suzuki packed on over 60 pounds of muscle to play Takeo, which is a pretty impressive feat.


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