It seems like every time we turn around a flurry of new Flashpoint promos are running around the blogosphere and this Friday is no exception. Over at DC's The Source, five new icons coupled with mysterious taglines continue to question how the world as readers know it has changed as the result of... something. Something Flashy.

The list of icons joins previous promos for Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert and a growing list of other creators handling the 14+ tie-in book strong event kicking off around May. We're not sure what any of them mean, but you can try to wrap your mind around them below:

When did Cyborg become our protector of Truth, Justice and the American Way?

Why is Citizen Cold the greatest hero of Central City?

Where will the Ravager strike next?

Who is the Outsider and why is he better than you?

What is top secret?

[Via The Source]