There's a definite cute quality to Natali Martinez's artwork, which is filled with button noses and sparkly diamonds in the background. But she harnesses those powers of cute in often unexpected ways, imagining Freddy Krueger and the witchy foursome from The Craft as children's cartoon characters, giving Daria Morgendorfer even greater pathos by adding a doll-like quality to her usually thick-lined character design and mocking Frodo's quest to destroy the One Ring with some light animation.Like so many of the artists we feature here, Martinez (a.k.a. Natali Koromoto) clearly has a great deal of affection for the subjects of her fan art, one that burst through clearly when she takes on tasks like reinterpreting scenes from The Simpsons opening or creating an otherworldly gif based on Looney Tunes' seminal "What's Opera, Doc?" But it's her original artwork that really stands out, with its strange mix of the sacred and the surreal. Her soft color palette and obsession with geometric patterns serve her well whether she's nestled herself in an animated bed of video games or leading a bearskin-wearing shaman to the secrets of the universe. Martinez designs a t-shirt line called Dream Warriors, though I'm rather partial to her art shop, where she sells her prints as well as oddball items like glow-in-the-dark dinosaur brooches and tooth-pendent necklaces. You can follow her latest artwork on Blogspot and Tumblr.

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