Today is "Hector Plasm" and "Invincible Presents" artist Nate Bellegarde's birthday, and to celebrate, he asked his friends for only one present: drawings of DC's swingin' Element Man, Metamorpho, and brother, did they deliver. So as our way of wishing a Happy Birthday to one of our favorite artists, ComicsAlliance has gathered all the drawings he's gotten so far together in one spot! It's a Partymorpho!

Chris Sims

Those are all the pieces that are up so far, but the day is young, so keep an eye on Nate's Twitter feed for more!

Not to be outdone, Nate's frequent collaborator Benito Cereno, who doesn't draw (not that that stopped me) wrote him a full 22-page script: "Enter: Negamorpho!"


Holy crap, dudes, I think Metamorpho is for real dead this time, because he is smooth pinned to the ground by a grip of harpoons and has a big, gaping hole in his chest. His face shows him to be in agony, and he is reaching his hands out, as if towards us, the readers! His body also seems to be falling apart at the seams. Behind him gloats Black Manta, that guy from Aquaman, holding his harpoon gun up in the air and shaking his fist in victory.

Also! Behind him floats the deadly Negamorpho, evil twin of Metamorpho! He has a totally black head with a nose, eyebrows, not a harelip, and other features that Metamorpho sometimes has when artists draw him off model. His shirt part is blue and yellow where Metamorpho's is orange and purple, respectively. His legs are, uh, the opposite of mud? and metal? And his belt buckle has an "N" on it instead of an "M." (It stands for "Negamorpho.") Anyway, Negamorpho is like a gaseous cloud of evil, swirling about a panicking Sapphire Stagg, who cannot escape his clutches.

METAMORPHO says: S-s-sufferin' Sapphire! I never thought I'd go out like this, baby!

Then METAMORPHO says: 86'd by my evil twin and-->choke!<--that guy from Aquaman!

If I can be allowed to make a birthday wish for Nate, I hope that DC decides to throw a ton of money at those two dudes to get that story in print. It'd be a present for all of us.

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