Pop and R & B act Ne-Yo and Japanese rocker, X Japan's Yoshiki are teaming up with an unlikely source to help promote their new music. Or maybe, given his dozens of other recent multi-media collaborations, it is entirely likely... At any rate, Stan "The Man Of A Million Projects" Lee is on the case for both acts.The first single from Ne-Yo's album, Beautiful Monster, was released on June 8th, 2010 on iTunes. Concerning "Libra Scale's" story (which, sadly, has nothing to do with "Final Crisis), Ne-Yo told BluesAndSoul.com:

In that the album it comes from - 'Libra Scale' - is based upon this short story that I wrote, which basically follows these three characters who are forced to choose between money-power-and-fame versus love. Which in turn is why I've called the album 'Libra Scale'. You know, its whole concept is based on that question of morality - that, if you weigh it all out on a Libra scale, which one of those two options would you choose?

According to OMG Music, Ne-Yo's collaboration with Lee consists of working on an animated story book where Ne-Yo's character gains superpowers, but loses the ability to fall in love.

This project with Ne-Yo is yet another endeavor of Stan Lee, who seems to be locked into a heated battle with Betty White for the title of "Most Prolific Octogenarian."

Lee is about to begin his second project with Archie Comics, this one focusing on the fictional superhero Entourage character Vincent Chase auditioned for. He is also creating a line of comics in conjunction with BOOM! Studios, and as reported earlier this month, a collaboration with the NHL, among a growing list of other projects, including a comic/motion comic collaboration with Japanese rock star Yoshiki of X Japan slated for 2011.

From Yoshiki;s official press release:

"When I met Yoshiki," said Lee, Founder, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of POW@ Entertainment, "I was so impressed with his musical talents and unique creative eye, that I knew immediately I wanted to work with him on something special where we could combine our strengths. Creating a music Super Hero character was the natural evolution of our efforts."

The best part of either announcement? Stan Lee in a dope scarf looking like Dracula:

Never slow down Mr. Lee.