Where were you on World Turtle Day 2016? That is not a sentence I expected to type out in my lifetime, but I'll remember where I was for one reason. Well okay, I'll remember where I was because I'm in the same place I am every Monday --- plastered in front of my computer writing about games and toys --- but in this case, I'll remember specifically because it was the day NECA announced a new set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles based on the 1989 arcade classic.

Many die-hard TMNT fans might remember NECA once had a go at the Turtles just about eight years ago. The figures were based on the Mirage Comics incarnations, and while a whole line of figures was planned, only the Turtles and the Mousers ever saw the light of day. There were even black and white variants made to mimic the appearance of the original comic art, which in turn inspired a number of imitators, but that was the last anyone saw of NECA's Turtles. Now, ahead of San Diego Comic-Con 2016, NECA's at it again, bringing those tubular heroes to life in one of the company's signature lines, the Classic Video Game Apperance series.

These figures won't merely be repaints of those older figures however. NECA's crafted completely new versions of Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo specifically for this limited release. The Shredder and Foot Clan soldiers are also brand new. It's a tad bittersweet that even though we're getting the Shredder and Foot Clan figures, they aren't the ones that are still hidden deep within NECA's vaults of unreleased prototypes. Then again, as nice as those were, I have a feeling I'll be able to get over that "disappointment" rather easily with these newer works.

All eight figures come with distinct accessories, including weapons and power-ups straight from the arcade game itself. I mean, they're even including a spinning nunchuck for Mikey that looks just like the animation from the game. That's attention to detail. Each figure will of course be captured in that delightful pixel art style, and given NECA's history with turning 2D games into three-dimensional figures, they should look just as terrific on your shelf as they do in these early prototype images.

Even if you don't want to pull them out of the package, the figures will still impress, as NECA's going all out with the window box presentation. Earlier figures in its video game-inspired line have all gotten nice, fifth-panel boxes that emulated the NES or Sega Genesis packaging. Now that it's an arcade game, the box for both sets will make it look like an arcade cabinet, complete with four joysticks and buttons for each player. Never let it be said that NECA skimpped on the presentation.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Turtles and Foot Clan box sets will be available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. Pre-order details will be announced later this week.



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