Those of you who read the webcomic adventures of Beartato and Reginald are already aware that Anthony "Nedroid" Clark is pretty hilarious, but if you're not following him on Twitter, you're missing out. Clark regularly posts new art to his Twitter account, including multi-part sagas like his recent look at What If Dinosaurs Had Knives and the strange saga of The Cowboy Who Was Also a Wizard.

Lately, though, Clark has turned his attention to one of the most beloved properties of my youth (and presumably his): The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Oh Michaelangelo. Always too busy being a party dude to finish mutanting. Catch the entire six-part saga after the jump!

It's time to learn the ways of the Ninja.

Use your ninja powers only in self-defense.

Ninja Dinner Plans

Krang's Delusion

That last one is far and away my favorite, as it addresses the one huge logical problem that I had with the show, even as an eight year-old who was perfectly willing to accept mutagenic ooze, ninjas named after Italian artists, and April O'Neill's love of a bright yellow jumpsuit even though her action figure card clearly listed her favorite color as hot pink: If Krang's technology was advanced enough to make both the Technodrome and a robot body, why did he pick one that was so goofy-looking? And really, if he's a brain, why does he sit in his robot body's stomach?

Answer: That looks really cool in Dimension X.

Thank you, Anthony. I'm pretty sure the brainpower I was devoting to that problem is what's been holding me back for the past two decades. Now, at long last, I can move on.

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