Have you ever wanted to wear the same t-shirts sported by the author who penned American Gods, The Sandman, Coraline? The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit U.S. group devoted to protecting free speech in comics, has made this a very attainable goal. Donate $50 to the CBLDF while supplies last and you can score a random signed t-shirt literally pulled from Neil Gaiman's (a CBLDF board member) closet.This current donation opportunity comes at a time when the CBLDF could use the money. As CA reported in June, the CBLDF is currently working to fund the potentially $150,000 defense of a U.S. citizen whose iPhone, iPad and laptop were searched by Canadian customs on a return trip and determined to contain sexual images of characters younger than 18. If convicted of owning comic book images deemed child pornography, the man could face a minimum of one year in prison.

The CBLDF makes no claims that you will become a more gifted writer by osmosis if you don one of the tees, but it probably couldn't hurt. Shirt sizes are currently limited to large and extra large, however, so depending on your frame you may convert any purchased tees from wearables to display pieces.


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