Novelist and comics writer Neil Gaiman reflected on the movie adaptation of his children's book "Coraline" with the film's director, Henry Selick, at Comic-Con this weekend. Selick mentioned that "Coraline" was a hard sell in Hollywood as a "scary film for kids," but Gaiman added that the San Diego crowd was much more in tune with the movie than the movie industry suits:

"I don't think anyone at Comic-Con is going to tell you that Coraline is too dark. Some of them may complain there wasn't actually a scene with a chainsaw and animated 3D spurting stop-motion blood, but they're not going to complain that it was too dark. People at Comic-Con love and treasure imagination.... Whatever they look like, however they're dressed... What binds them is they love this stuff. They love thinking; they love dreaming, and that's why they're here."

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