The latest comic book artist out of Chile to catch our eyes is none other than Nelson Daniel. He has recently contributed some pages to Joe Hill's The Cape, as well some fine G.I. Joe covers over at IDW. You'll know him by his love of black-dotted shadows and gritty, thick-lined characters that still manage to look light, thanks to his mildly exaggerated proportions.Daniel's deviantART account is the best place to scope out his range of drawing styles. His pole-dancing Stormtrooper and Tank Girl look like they might have been bred with some influence from Kyle Baker-and maybe even some Ashley Wood. He's also got a blog, but it may require some Google Translate use if your Spanish isn't up to snuff.

Cable, Judge Dredd and Spawn all look pin-up worth in his gallery. And if you want to see something truly cover worthy, check out his Gogo Yubari, which shows off his mastery of texture layering.

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