While fans aren't 100 percent sure what to expect out of Mark Millar's quasi-controversial "Joker-meets-Batman" approach to the upcoming "Nemesis," there's little debate over artist Steve McNiven's ability to render the tale's chaotic carnage. But just in case readers want to see another take on Nemesis' grim reality, Marvel's announced a new variant cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

Starring the stylized "toughest cape in town," this unfortunately evil costumed criminal will reportedly lay waste to law enforcement around the four corners of the world before targeting Washington D.C. If McNiven and Yu's covers are any indicator, he might just succeed.

McNiven's cover definitely evokes a certain "billionaire-playboy-turned-cool-car-driving-costumed-dude" vibe, while Yu's variant hits more of the "This-guy-is-seriously-evil-and-covered-in-the-blood-of-innocent-kittens" notes. Two sides of the same coin, I say!

Fans can check out both covers up close and personal when "Nemesis" #1 arrives in shops on March 17.