A few months ago, we brought you the news that Netflix was producing a TV show based on Harvey Comics' infuriatingly wealthy Richie Rich, which naturally led to me venting my boundless rage against the insufferable little tow-headed one-percenter and then doing my best to forget it was happening. Now, though, the Richening is finally upon us.

Tomorrow, the entire first season of Richie Rich goes up on Netflix, and to be fair, it features a slightly more palatable version of the wretched junior fat cat than the one we have in the comics. The main change is that rather than being the product of old money and a family of decadent industrialists, Netflix's Richie Rich invented a technology to turn vegetables into clean energy and then sold it for $1,000,000,000,000.00, which, for the record, is roughly one fifth of all the money in the entire world.

The robot maid, however, is definitely from the comics.

Yes, Irona the Robot Maid has made the transition to the screen. On the cover below she is helping Richie flatten out his wallet so that he can comfortably carry around thousands of dollars in blood money, so that he can wave it in the faces of the middle-class "friends" he keeps around in case he needs to harvest a kidney.


Stupid jerk Richie Rich, Harvey Comics


You will note that she is, ah, slightly less fetishy than the Netflix version, and therefore lacks "the magic." And while it's relatively nice to see that Richie is a self-made trillionaire, keep in mind that he still appears to have wallpapered his bedroom with foreign currency, because money means nothing to him.

Also, for some reason, Daft Punk is there.


Richie Rich, Netflix


As with all Netflix Originals, the complete first season of Richie Rich drops tomorrow. Feel free to watch it, and keep up with ComicsAlliance's new recap series, The Capitalist Manifesto. (No. --- Ed.)

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