Stuart Immonen has had a pretty impressive career thus far. He created Superman: Secret Identity with Kurt Busiek, drew Nextwave with Warren Ellis, and has a successful side business writing and drawing his own creator-owned comics with his wife, Kathryn Immonen. He's one of the best style chameleons out there, with an arsenal of styles and tricks up his sleeve. If Immonen is drawing it, often with the able inks of Wade von Grawbadger and the colors of Laura Martin, you can be sure that it'll look good. New Avengers is no different. Immonen is doing some great work geared to appeal to the mainstream and compliment Brian Michael Bendis's scripts. If you aren't familiar with Immonen, we've got an exclusive preview of New Avengers #7 for you.

After the devastating fallout of last issue's fatal battle for this dimension, the New Avengers have to figure out who really belongs on the team. Plus, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones need a nanny, and not just any nanny, they need to find a superpowered nanny. Who. Will. It. Be?! Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!

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