It's been just a little longer than a month since Activision and High Moon Studios announced the upcoming Deadpool video game at Comic-Con with the fanfare of a full trailer, on-site viral marketing and an appearance by the Merc With a Mouth himself. Things have been almost conspicuously quiet since then, however, with the only major reveal being that the game is being penned by former DP scribe Daniel Way. Leave it to this week's Gamescon to change this slow state of affairs with Activision sending out a new fact sheet, game screens and concept art from the 2013 release. The fact sheet reveals, among other things, that the third-person action game will include cameos of varying degrees from some of Deadpool's X-Men "friends," plus DP's signature arsenal of guns, blades, explosives, duct tape and other items. You can take a look at the new concept art, along with some stills that seem to be from the trailer (including Rogue and Psylocke's early '90s Marvel Swimsuit Special appearances), after the cut.

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