The BBC's "Doctor Who: The Adventure Games" sees its third chapter released this Friday (and hopefully not long after abroad), but fans may already be pondering when they'll be able to get their next dose of DW gaming after the four-part saga concludes. The eleventh doctor's aloof time traveling nature may have rubbed off on Asylum Entertainment as they haven't announced a specific timeframe, but the good news is that two brand new "Doctor Who" titles are indeed on the way to both the Nintendo Wii and DS systems: "Doctor Who: Return to Earth" (Wii) and "Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth" (DS).The new games mark the first console outing for the franchise since 2008's "Top Trumps: Doctor Who" on the PlayStation 2, Wii and DS. Like most "Who" games, however, it will debut in the UK and Australia first. Given the release of "The Adventure Games" in the US, it's hopeful that these titles could also come to the states.

Amazon UK currently lists the titles' pre-order release dates for October 29, which would only be possible via TARDIS, but hopefully more legit release info surfaces soon.

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