When news broke that Kierron Gillen and Greg Land would be ushering in the latest era of Iron Man comic stories as part of Marvel Now, Gillen made it clear that fans would be seeing their share of new armors - one new suit per each of the first five issues, in fact. Today over at Marvel.com in a feature very appropriately dubbed "New Toys," Gillen previewed two all-new Iron Man suits designed by artist Carlo Pagulayan. In January's Iron Man #3, Tony Stark will reportedly be taking his revamped stealth armor for a spin against the likes of Firebrand, Vibro and Living Laser. Meanwhile, Iron Man #4 will introduce the hero's latest heavy duty battle suit, which sports a few elements of his Hulkbuster suits and, in Gillen's words, "starts where War Machine leaves off." You can take a closer gander at the new armors after the cut.

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[Via Marvel]

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