For fans hoping that the upcoming Iron Man series by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land launching as part of Marvel NOW! will bring a new Iron Man armor, you're in luck, even more than you would've expected: Apparently, the new series will feature constantly updating, constantly changing armors depending on what Tony Stark needs at any one time."I like Iron Man in different armors; I like things going completely wrong," explained incoming writer Gillen. "I like the issue where it's stealth Iron Man against Titanium Man, it was one of my favorites as a kid and it was part of "Armor Wars." I want to write something that feeds the underlying emotional truth of Iron Man in terms of the personality, the heart, the writing but also the super hero fantasy stuff. Who doesn't love the swapping bits of armor and tech of it all?"

Because of the new, ever-changing armor, don't expect the new suit that appears on the just-unveiled cover for the new Iron Man #1 by Greg Land to necessarily be the way the Avenger will look from now on (Which also means there're a chance that we'll see the comic book Stark wear the new movie suit at some point). As Gillen put it,

As opposed to doing the [morphing] armor, he's doing precision-based tech. He'll have to switch out arms and legs. His argument being that you can get more kick out of a specific tool and the theme [of it will] be about making choices and living with it. It will be like choosing a specific suit for a specific mission, taking a certain arm configuration and taking a different piece off. There will be a lot of changes in the armor throughout the series; in the first five issues there will be a different armor every issue.

We'll also see five different stories in those first five issues, he promised:

The first five issues will be single stories that will share [both] a defining motif and a plot but it will be Iron Man facing new instances of technology and each is basically a new villain. Each issue will illuminate something about Tony and they're all very different. Issue two is a lot like the Bruce Lee Kung-Fu Island story; it's like a joust, it's all about the knight imagery, essentially going to a tournament. Issue three is like a ninja story, Tony Stark trying to be a full-on stealth master, issue four is a horror story and issue five is something a little more romantic and scientific but I'm going to keep that one under wraps.

"Single issues are an exciting place to go and anyone can jump on with any of the first five issues, not just issue #1. [In] each of those issues I introduce Iron Man; I say something meaningful about a character that you may know already and I want it to be accessible and to pop," he went on to say, adding that "that's the thing with Greg Land: his photorealistic style really pops and it's a glamorous book in that way."

The new Iron Man #1 by Gillen and Land launches in November.

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