Even though Kirby's animated animated adventure "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!" on 4Kids TV didn't inspire a whole lot of confidence in the property, his fully pink video game adventures continue to act as a pleasant gateway game for young players. That's why fans of the pink ball should be pleased to discover his manga adventures will be imported in September of 2010 by Viz Media.

Anime Insider reports that Simon and Schuster has listed the Kirby manga as one of their fall releases. The product description reads like a children's book, which should resonate with the game's continuity pretty well, even if Kirby will have a new buddy called...Chirby?

Japanese Publisher Coro Coro Comic magazine originally printed the 25 volumes of manga by artist Hirokazu Hikawa.

With seemingly no major Kirby video game or additional animated series announcements on the horizon, it seems like an odd time to get Kirbified for Viz. Then again, maybe they know something most fans don't about the pleasantly plump Star Warrior-to-be?

All I know for sure is I usually pick Pikachu over him in the "Super Smash Bros." games.