As horrifying as it is has become to utter the words "Dragon Ball" and "Evolution" in the same sentence since the 2009 live action film, I've got to say, Viz's new Dragon Ball Color (which begins at Dragon Ball chapter 195 a.k.a. Dragon Ball Z chapter 1) feels like the natural next step for Akira Toriyama's beloved 30-year-old manga. After reading the story of Goku in almost half a dozen different formats since Viz began localizing the manga in 1998, I was skeptical about whether reprinting the manga in color would do anything for me -- especially since the anime served to bring the story to life in living color already. Turns out, it scratches a certain kind of Saiyan itch. You can watch my full video review after the cut.


Version Comparisons 

DB Colors and BW 1
Dragon Ball Color vol. 1, Dragon Ball Z Viz Big Vol. 1, Dragon Ball Z. Vol. 1
DB Colors and BW 2
Dragon Ball Z Vol. 1 black and white digital, Dragon Ball Color Vol. 1 digital, Dragon Ball Color in print


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