With six months still to go before it hits theaters, we've already gotten a pretty good look at the aesthetics of next year's brand-new Power Rangers movie. We've see the actors who are set to play the rebooted Teenagers With Attitudes, we've seen the new costumes, and we've even seen the newly redesigned look for Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. There is, however, one piece of the look --- maybe even the most important piece --- that we haven't seen: the Zords.

Up until now, the giant robot dinosaurs that make up an even larger monster-fighting robot have remained a mystery, but thanks to a series of brand-new posters uploaded by the official Power Rangers movie Twitter account today, we're finally getting our first look at them --- or at least, a piece of them. Check 'em out below!



Even though we're only seeing bits and pieces of the Zords, there are a couple of things about these posters that are really nice to see in the context of the Power Rangers --- even beyond the Blue Ranger recreating an infamous Burt Reynolds pose on top of a giant robot triceratops.

For one thing, it really does give a sense of scale to the Zords. As someone who watches Power Rangers pretty much constantly, the only time that we really get a sense of how big these things are is when they're set against suspiciously cardboard-looking buildings, or when we get a low-angle shot from the perspective of the ground. Seeing the Rangers actually physically interacting with them is a nice way of getting that across.

And secondly, I just really like the idea of the Power Rangers just straight up hanging out with their robot dinosaur buddies taking selfies.

Power Rangers 2017 will be out on March 24.