Snipers, amirite? Every time you try to try to talk down some unstable smurf-looking dude with the power to blow up Times Square while wearing a luchador-like Spider suit, they think it's their place to intervene. Take the shot? More like take a hike! Poor Peter Parker's just gotta put up with their usual antics while meeting Electro for the first time in the latest The Amazing Spider-Man 2 clip.

Unfortunately for what we assume is going to be a sizable chunk of Manhattan, Spidey (Andrew Garfield) can't quite seem to get through to bullet-magnet Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx), but I guess that's fine since the two of them playing racquetball and then going out for beers would probably make for a shorter movie... I mean, I'd still see that movie, but whatever.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on May 2.

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