The latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man movie is now live on iTunes Movie Trailers, and it's perhaps the moodiest yet. When I say "moodiest," though, I mostly mean "awesome-est." For the most part the trailer expands on the themes established by previous teasers/trailers. The cops and a mutant Lizard guy are at odds with Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), when all he wants to do is find out what happened to his mysteriously AWOL parents and smooch Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). That's all cool and very dramatic stuff, but here's why you'll want to watch this trailer 15 times: Peter Parker does a kickflip on his skateboard ala Tony Hawk II. See what you make of this, and other elements from the new The Amazing Spider-Man (in theaters on July 3) trailer after the jump.

[Via iTunes]

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