DC Direct's kept fans up-to-date through the comics' "Brightest Day" storyline, but it looks like Mattel's DC Universe Classics line will be the first to capture the 3D characters from Ryan Reynold's "Green Lantern" film coming in 2011. As reported by Toynewsi, DCUC's Green Lantern Classics wave 2 will not only include scads of comic toys, but also the film version of Parallax. Unfortunately, all fans can spot for now is a silhouette of fear incarnate.Joining movie Parallax are Nautkelloi and Medphyll (one body with swappable heads), Red Lanterns Skallox and Night Lik, Sodam Yat, Star Sapphire, Varix and a special 3-pack of mini-characters B'dg, Dex-Starr and Despotellis.

Interestingly, Night Lik is a brand new character created by toy makers the Four Horsemen. Geoff Johns named the new lantern, who will be appearing in an issue of the GL comic following its first appearance on toy shelves.

Given movie Parallax's inclusion in the line, it's worth considering that DC and Mattel might forgo their usual separate movie tie-in action figure lines for combined comic/movie series the way Marvel and Hasbro have dealt with the Iron Man films.

Parallax will be fully-revealed in the January issue of ToyFare magazine, but until then you can check out its silhouetted form, along with the wave's other images below:

[Via Toynewsi]

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