We sort of got off on a weird foot with the last promo for Nickelodeon's Voltron Force. We like Swizz Beatz as much as the next blog, but a funky jam coupled with modern CGI cats seemed a little jarring compared to the orchestral tone of the original '80s Voltron and its various sequels. In its latest Nicktoons promo, Voltron Force has stuck to simply showing story footage rather than young dudes popping. There's shots of the pilots, their lions and the bad dude they'll have to battle. See what you make of the new Voltron Force promo after the jump.Set to debut on June 16, Voltron Force is a direct sequel to the original series, set 10 years after the last clash between robeasts and robotic cat vehicles.

While the spirit of the show seems to be intact, the juxtaposition of the show's pretty flat-colored 2D animated characters and the more highly-rendered 3D mechs seems to clash a little. With any luck the final presentation on full TV sets will satisfy fans. In any case, it's not nearly as wonky as the 1998 all-CGI Voltron: The Third Dimension.

See the new Voltron Force footage below:

[Via Toynewsi]