Voltron fans have had their calendars marked for the June 16 premiere of Nicktoons' sequel Voltron Force for a few months as promo images and new promo videos have trickled in, and judging from new schedule info, they may want to prepare to commit a chunk of their evening (or their TiVo) to the event. Nickedlodeon has announced Voltron Force: New Defenders Trilogy, a 90-minute program block essentially packing a three-part pilot into a movie event. The new series sees three young recruits teaming with classic heroes Keith, Hunk, Pidge, Lance and Allura as they learn the robeast-slaying robes of robotic lion piloting. See a new video of the team's first transformation into Voltron after the jump.Here's how Nicktoons' official press release bills the Voltron Force premiere:

In the 90-minute movie premiere, "Voltron Force: New Defenders Trilogy," Daniel and Vince are recruited into an underground resistance movement led by former members of the Voltron Force to recover the keys to the lions. They soon meet fellow classmate Larmina, and the three cadets are introduced to their Voltcoms, an advanced wrist device that acts as an activation key to the lions. Their Voltcoms are also capable of generating unique weapons and powers based on personality and fighting styles. As the new cadets explore the Castle of Lions and uncover clues to Voltron's origins, the original Force gets their groove back to form Voltron once more, determined to take on the duel-threat of King Lotor's Robeast and Sky Marshal Wade's war machine.

See the new video teaser below to see what you make of the new lions.