Future X-Men: Destiny players haven't had much more than a few seconds of footage and a DNA-defying tagline to go on over the past few months, but new details culled from the February issue of the Official Xbox Magazine by Stickskills, provide new insights into the kind of adventure would-be mutant warriors may have. Though the Destiny won't likely harbor an M (for mature!) rating, its Mike Cary scribed storyline is apparently set to take place in a world where Professor X has kicked the bucket and the world is backsliding into its hating and fearing ways when it comes to mutants.So far gamers can look forward to choosing from at least one of three characters attending a peace rally paying tribute to the fallen Professor Xavier in a human/mutant segregated San Francisco. From there players will pick their power archetype (matter/body mass manipulation, energy projection and a mystery ability). These choices are part of the game's "decision moment" indicators, which freeze players in time as they make a storyline-altering decision. Players will also have to manage "X-Genes," a Mutant power meter and a variety of special attacks as they progress through the game.

The magazine also confirms already suspected appearances from Cyclops, Quicksilver, Surge, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Gambit, with others to be announced. Perhaps even... Destiny? She seems to dig dystopian futures.

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