Fan's have had a basic grip on the choice-driven gameplay behind Activision's upcoming X-Men: Destiny since the title was announced back in October, but the game's latest teaser debuting on GameTrailers goes beyond mere concepts and actually shows off some crazy, if brief footage from the game. It's probably too early to say for sure, but if you've ever wondered what Colossus/The Absorbing Man would look like in Akira, this game might be for you.
The teaser itself transitions from mutant silhouette to mutant silhouette as a voiceover refers to a war that will change the player before bringing the game's point home with the tag line, "Your [mutant] genes don't decide your destiny. You do."

Since Destiny will cast players as a new mutant cadet rather than an established X-hero or Brotherhood villain, it's a little hard to tell just who each silhouetted character in the trailer is. Cyclops, Magneto, Wolverine, Pyro, Nightcrawler and Emma Frost are pretty easy to identify, but the rest are a little iffy. The three teenage-looking silhouettes at the end of the trailer, however, could be three potential protagonists to choose from. Right now only Activision, developers Silicon Knights and writer Mike Carey know for sure.

Check out the new teaser to see what you think:

[Via MTV Multiplayer]