It's easy to get a bit of tonal whiplash while perusing Nicolas Nemiri's art blog. On the one hand, he draws gigantic, tattooed men who look like they could easily crush everyone else on the page. His women run the gamut from fashion plates to spacefaring adventurers to a gal being pleasured by an octopus. And interspersed are the illustrations featuring sleeping babes, kind-hearted kids and school girls with enigmatic expressions.

What ties Nemiri's illustrations together is a clear affection for Japanese artists (his graffiti piece was recently featured in a Satoshi Kon tribute show), and the apparent spontaneity of his lines. As I look through Nemiri's works, I find myself getting lost in his scribbles, marveling at the shapes and faces that emerge from his pen and brush.

Nemiri illustrates Jean-David Morvan's comic Je suis Morte, a science fiction story about a mortal teenaged girl in a future society that has overcome death.